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Learn How to Use Photoshop & GIMP

36 full-length How to Use Photoshop video tutorials to transform your skills into marketable talent.

Learn a wide range of marketable graphic design skills, like photo manipulationretouching and color grading techniques. After the course, you can confidently create logos and photo-realistic cartoon designs. Learn to change photo lighting to make your images come alive.

Earn Money From Home With Graphic Design

New year, new you! Time for learning a new skill and turning it into a side business. No more excuses, these tutorials take you through every skill you need to become a professional graphic designer. It’s about much more than just photoshopping images.

How to Use Photoshop – Also Works For GIMP

This how to use photoshop pro course is best for intermediate students, who already understand some basic photo editing. These techniques also apply to GIMP and other photo editing programs, so you can get started even without a photoshop subscription.

**Beginners should prepare for this course by watching some downloading/installing photoshop or GIMP tutorials on YouTube. 

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