Crafting Direct Sales Companies

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Crafting Direct Sales Companies - List of the Most Reliable & Trustworthy

Starting your own business with one of the crafting direct sales companies is a great way to make extra income while doing something you love. 

The problem with many of these companies is that they are barely legitimate. Either they charge outrageous fees for joining their program or they go out of business and do not refund the money they owe you. Unfortunately, we have heard a lot of horror stories. 

There are a few companies that are very trustworthy and have been around for a long time. This list is a round up of direct sales companies you can trust. 

Click on the heading title to be taken to the company’s homepage. This is not an affiliate link. We do not get any kind of commission for referring you to these sites. We choose them because they are reputable and many of our readers have great success with them. 

Our Creative Memories Review:

What They Sell: Scrapbooking supplies: albums, paper, stickers, punches and other accessories.

Which Countries: U.S., Canada, Australia

Join Fees: Annual membership fee of $49, which includes your website. No minimum requirements for sales or adding team members.

How it Works: Customers order from your website or from you in person. As a CM Advisor, your percentage of the sale is added to your account weekly. The more you sell, the higher your profit & commission rate. For your first $500 in sales, your profit rate is 10% and commission rate is 2%. After $15,000 your profit rate is 40% and your commission rate is 8%. Your account balance resets after 365 days. For every $2000 in sales you get a $100 account credit.

You can also choose to become a CM Consultant, but that requires a certain number of sales & team members, plus it costs $500 every 3 months.

Other: They also let you purchase advertising packages for your site, which can help you bring in more sales. But be careful about spending too much on advertising before you are familiar with what kind of advertising is successful.

Our Stampin' Up Review:

What They Sell: Stamps, inks, accessories, embellishments, coloring tools, project life, punches, dies, embossing folders,

Which Countries: U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Japan

Join Fees: The starter kit costs $99 (but sometimes they have it discounted to $79) and it includes catalogs, order forms, and other business supplies, plus you get to pick out $125 supplies you want from their current catalog or clearance section. Starter kit shipping is free. The best time to sign up for Stampin’ Up! is during their annual winter sale from January – March, as they usually give a bonus in addition to the starter kit.

A website costs $13/month, but you can share it with another demonstrator.

How it Works: Customers order from your website or from you in person. All sales must be pre-orders, you cannot buy physical products and sell them somewhere like eBay or at a flea market.

Until you reach the upper levels, your commission is 20%. You have to sell (or buy your own) $300 worth of products every quarter. You also earn flex points for recruiting new demonstrators (as well as 1-3% of their sales). Flex points can be redeemed for SU products from the catalog or special branded merchandise like jewelry, pens, and clipboards.

If you don’t make your quarterly sales quota, you have an additional 30 days to meet your $300 goal + and extra $100 that will be attributed to the next quarter. There are no fees for not making your sales, you are simply deactivated. If you want to join again, you can either sign up under your old demonstrator or wait 6 months and purchase a new starter kit.

Other: You cannot work for any other company that sells products similar to Stampin’ Up! during the same time period. You also cannot promote those other companies on social media or your own personal website.

Our Close to My Heart Review:

What They Sell: Stamps, scrapbook kits, paper, jewelry fittings, inks, albums, watercolor, markers, organization products, Cricut cartridges, and embellishments
Which Countries: U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Join Fees: New Consultant Kit costs $75 + tax & shipping. It includes everything in the following list, plus a $50 product credit and a website. 

How it Works: As a CTMH Consultant, your base commission is 22% regardless of how much you sell. But for each sales level you can get a product credit for $5 – $75. After you reach $1000 sales for the month you start getting an additional commission of 8-13%. But that starts over every month, so you really need to be hustling to earn that rate.

To stay active, you must make $300 in sales every quarter, starting after your first full quarter, but you can also purchase those items yourself.

Other: Their site offers some good tutorials and events to teach you sales techniques.  They also have a “Straight To The Top” program for new consultants to get extra rewards during their first 90 days.

Which Crafting Direct Sales Company Is Best?

Any of these 3 are solid choices. They make good products and treat their consultants very well. You should choose the one that makes the products you like the best, as you will definitely have to buy a lot of them until your business is well established. 

You should also poll your potential customers. This means that you need to ask your friends, co-workers, and family members which products they would most like to buy. Since these are going to be your primary customers, their input is essential. Plus, it will make them feel invested in your business and ultimately buy more. 


PS – We also looked into Heritage Makers, but found the sign up process to be confusing and a little sketchy, so we didn’t go any further. At this time we cannot recommend that company, but if you have any experience with them, please send us an email!

What kind of experience do you have with these companies? Do you know of other crafting direct sales companies that aren’t on our list?

Let our readers know by sending us an email and writing us a comment below!

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