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MISTI™ Alternatives

Love the idea of the MISTI but want a tool with a lower price tag?
While we have to admit that we are fans of the MISTI stamping tool, we do recognize that there are plenty of reasons some people do not want to buy one.

If you want to hear some of those reasons, you can go here to check out: The Good &The Bad: a MISTI™ Review.

On the other hand, if you just want to know which tools we think are great MISTI alternatives, keep reading to find out.

If you haven’t heard of the MISTI Stamping Tool, you may have been hiding out in your craft room for too long. . .

The MISTI is a tool for stamping and re-stamping any image you want, as many times as you want, in the exactly same spot. It is great for fixing stamping mistakes and for quickly making multiple cards. 

As you might expect, crafters are buying them like crazy.

But a lot of people are put off by the MISTI’s expensive price. Luckily, many of the major craft companies are eager to capitalize on the MISTI’s success, so they are starting to release their own alternatives to the MISTI.

Here is what you need to know:

PS – keep in mind that the MISTI has pending patents on its design, so it is unclear how long these MISTI alternatives will be available.



Stampoholic Stamping Tool Review

misti alternative

image source: Kat Scrappiness

The first MISTI alternative is the Stampoholic Ultimate Stamping Tool by Die Cuts And More.

As you can see, this tool looks a heck of a lot like the Original MISTI.

Which is admittedly a little bit uncool, given that the MISTI does have patents pending on its design.

However, this post is about alternatives to the MISTI – so we felt like it had to be included.

Even the laser etched grid and rulers are similar. Plus, of course, it also comes with super strong neodymium magnets.

This stamping tool comes in 3 different sizes: Nano, Medium, & Large.

Currently, you can only get this tool in the color teal. However, when it was first introduced, it was also available in the same pink color as the MISTI.

In our tests, the Stampoholic tool is the only product that performed consistently as well as the MISTI.

Other than the color, the only difference we found is that the Stampoholic version is less expensive. You can get one here at Kat Scrappiness.


We R Memory Keepers Precision Press Review

wrmk precision press review

Another alternative to the MISTI is the We R Memory Keepers Precision Press.

This product is basically a smaller version of the WRMK Letterpress.

Although the stamping tool works generally the same way as the MISTI, there are a few differences:


  • Open On Two Sides: The WRMK Precision Press comes in only one size. But since it is open on two edges, you can use it with virtually any size paper. This is great if you like both scrapbooking and cardmaking. The problem with the MISTI and the Stampoholic stamping tools is that you are limited in the size of paper you can use.
  • No Foam Inserts: Another benefit of the Precision Press is that you do not have to use any foam inserts if you want to use clear, photo-polymer stamps. The hinges naturally adjust themselves to the size of the stamp.
  • Low Price: Finally, one of the biggest reasons that people are excited about this tool is that it costs about half as much as either of the other stamp press tools. You can click here to see the current price on Amazon.



Though there are a lot of things we like about the Precision Press, we also have a few complaints.

  • Not Magnetic: There are no magnets to hold your paper in place. This isn’t exactly essential, as you can line your paper up against the edges each time. However, the magnets are a nice comfort and they make sure that your paper will not move. Without magnets, your paper is going to stick to your stamp when you open the lid.
  • Too Small: The small size of the WRMK stamp press is also a con. While it is certainly big enough for cards, if you want to stamp on a full 12×12 in scrapbook page, you are basically limited to working around the corners. It is hard to reach the middle of the page.


Fiskars Easy Stamp Press Review

fiskars stamp press review

The Fiskars Easy Stamp Press has been around for quite a while.

But that doesn’t mean that it is not a fantastic stamping tool.In fact, it is easily one of our all time favorites.

To use this tool, you place your stamp (flat side up & without ink) on your card, art journal page, or scrapbook layout. Next, you pick up the stamp with the stamp press and cover it with your favorite ink. Finally, you need to re-position your stamp back on your page and then squish down the orange foam feet that are attached to the acrylic block. 

It is helpful to use a T-Ruler or some other type of edge to help you remember where your stamp needs to go. Finally, you just ink up your stamp and press.

This tool is extremely simple to use and it helps you get an even impression, meaning that you shouldn’t need to re-stamp your image. However, it does take some practice before you start getting really good impressions with your stamps.

What we really like about this stamp tool is that you can use it on thick surfaces. For example, if you want to stamp in your art journal or in a scrapbook album, you cannot use any of the other stamping tools on this list. You also cannot use a MISTI. 

Your only option is to use a traditional acrylic block, which can be tricky for new stampers, or to use a stamp press like this one by Fiskars. This tool is not as reliable as the MISTI and you really need to use it with a ruler to make sure that you are stamping in the same place.

But for its low price, it is a pretty darn good alternative.

PS – Fiskars also has a compact version, available here.


UPDATE: Hampton Arts Stamp Perfect Positioning Tool

We just discovered that Kat Scrappiness has another MISTI alternative on pre-order right now. As you can see, this stamp press from Hampton Arts looks quite a bit like the MISTI and Stampoholic versions. ….But it is significantly less expensive! 

Since it is not for sale just yet, we cannot do a review. But we wanted to spread the word so you can pre-order before they run out. 

hampton arts stamp perfect review



When you get yours, be sure to leave us a comment and tell us what you think. 


So which MISTI alternative is best?

There really is no clear answer to this question. It depends on your budget. With the MISTI or the Stampoholic Stamping Tool, you have to pay more but they are foolproof. You are going to get good results every time.

The WRMK Precision Press is cheaper and also works pretty well, but when we tried it, we missed the magnets. Every time we lifted the acrylic lid, our paper moved.

Finally, if you primarily want a stamp positioner for use in an art journal, planner, or other thick book, you should definitely go with the Fiskars Stamp Press.

This Post Has 5 Comments
  1. Personally I think the WRMK Precision Press is way better than the MISTI. One, its less expensive. Two, you can put a full size sheet of paper in it. It is true that the paper sticks to the stamp but I heard that also happens a lot with the misti. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I have the original MISTI and got the WRMK press just to test it out. The MISTI is still the best when it comes to rubber stamps (which you can take the foam out and it forms a pocket instead of relying on WRMK adjusting hinge). Hampton Arts and Stampoholic are a total ripoff (seriously I can’t believe they got away with it) and should be pulled IMO. Tim Holtz just came out with his own version also.
    I’m sorry but if I had a patent on the MISTI I would be really upset. It won best new product at CHA a few years ago and now the design is being stolen by every stamp company out there.

    1. Hi Annette, thank you for your comment and for bringing up this issue. For the most part, I agree with you. As a small business owner, I can definitely imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have your invention sniped by all of these big companies. She seems to have taken all the right steps to protect herself, so why are these other companies allowed to virtually “steal” her idea? I’d really like for Iliana to give us more information about her situation and what her lawyers tell her.

      …….But while I agree as a business owner, I can also understand that there is another side to this issue. First, the MISTI is quite expensive and so not all crafters can afford it. Making crafting affordable to everyone is one of our passions here at CraftYourself.de, so we wanted to create a post that showed crafters some of their alternatives. Another point is that several bloggers have reported “bullying” behavior by Iliana, pressuring them to take down or re-name their DIY versions. Going after fellow crafters is bad form, in my opinion. If these reports are true, then I have lost a lot of respect for Iliana. And the last point is the bible verse on the back of the MISTI. It isn’t a problem for me personally, but many people do not like it – so they want an alternative.

      This is a complex issue, with both sides having a lot of validity. What do you think about it, Annette?

  3. I have mixed feelings about the MISTI. It is a great idea and honestly, I’m surprised no one thought of it before. But the makers of MISTI will not be able to protect their product from copycats forever. The most unique thing with MISTI is the book-like hinged lid that easily keeps the stamp in place so that you can stamp over and over in the same place if you need to. Wonderful!

    But the printing aspect, is an ancient one…that is an image or plate on one side pressed onto a facing side of paper or other material. No one can trademark that. And the other issue I have with the MISTI is that it’s so pricey. I was fortunate and found an Hampton Arts Stamp Perfect before they got pulled and with a coupon it cost me like $14.00. It’s sturdy, works very well and it is a huge time and frustration saver. And I tried making my own DIY version for my own personal use from a YouTube video I saw. It didn’t work too well. But why not make your own if you can? And I can’t see any harm in making a video on how you can make a DIY MISTI or almost anything as long as you are not selling it. Info about copying something popular is not the same as producing the “thing” putting it on the market and making money off of it. My word, I see copies of popular “things” all the time. It may not be an exact copy, but new ideas are copied all the time. If something’s popular enough, and the original is too pricey or if it’s just a really good idea, it will get copied.

    As I’m writing this on 7/7/17 I did find that there is another “MISTI-like” stamp alignment tool called Cathie Allan’s POSITION IT Ultimate Stamping Tool ECP001 by Ecstasy Crafts being sold on Simon Says Stamp for $54.99. Still a higher priced tool, but this one claims to be more versatile than the MISTI. I just watched the video on YouTube and I must say, I’m pretty impressed. This aligner includes what it’s called sub-aligner corners for different sizes and heights. Didn’t the MISTI just come out with something called “creative corners?” So this one hasn’t been pulled off the market yet and I think it may be worth taking a look at. And OK, Cathie Allan had something called POSITION IT prior to POSITION IT by Ecstasy Crafts (it’s also called POSITION IT 2.) Looks like the big change from the original POSITION IT to POSITION IT 2 are the hinges. Since Cathie Allan had an earlier version minus the hinged lid, MISTI may not be able to challenge this competitor.

    1. I also have complicated feelings about the MISTI, Nancy. On one hand, it is really well designed and simple to use. On the other, it is just, as you said, a book with hinges. A really great idea, but easy to duplicate. 😐

      By the way, I love your Art Journal website! Your work is beautiful!

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