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Favorite Craft Bags With Wheels

All crafters know the feeling of lugging around a heavy load of craft supplies.

You want to visit your friend’s house for a fun crafty day, so you have to pack up all your gear.

Or you are going on vacation and know you will desperately need a creative fix before the end of day two.

And what about when you travel to a crop and want to show your new scrapping buddies all the great stuff you have made?

As a crafting community, these are the moments we live for.

But there is one, big, huge, heavy problem: 

It is completely exhausting to carry it all. 

If you are like us, then you need at least two bags to hold your stamps and albums. Not to mention your inks, markers, art journals, cardstock, embellishments, scissors, backup scissors, ATG gun….

And even if we do manage to get all of our supplies loaded and transported, we still have the annoying issue of continually digging through our bags to find what we need.

The struggle is real.

But there is a solution.

A few of our most loved companies have heard our groans and developed some fantastic rolling scrapbook totes. Here are our three favorite craft bags with wheels.

Stay tuned til the end to see which one we think is the best buy.


We R Memory Keepers 360 Crafter’s Bag

One of the most popular bags for crafters is the We R Memory Keepers 360 Crafter’s Bag. As we have all come to expect from WRMK products, the bag is cute, well designed, and comes with a load of matching accessories.



  • Large Inner Pocket: Inside compartment is big enough to hold a full 12X12 scrapbook album. It is also big enough to fit large items like a sewing or even the Big Shot or Cinch. This is helpful if you don’t want to take turns sharing a single machine, as you might at a crop or other group event.
  • Variety of Pocket Sizes: The WRMK 360 tote comes with a ton of pockets, both mesh and clear plastic. Since they pockets come in a variety of sizes, it is easy to find one that holds your stamping or scrapbooking tools snug.
  • Removable Pockets: Some of the storage pockets are removable, which means you can place it on your desk and not have to continually bend down to search through it.
  • 360 Wheels: Another reason why people love this rolling craft bag is because each of its four wheels turns 360 degrees. A lot of luggage companies are using this on their suitcases now, and it actually makes a TON of difference. The bag is so easy to wheel and move around.
  • Several Designs: It also comes in a couple of different colors and designs, like here and here.
  • Matching Accessories: WRMK also sells some accessories to match the bag, which is nice because you look more professional when your scrapbooking totes are coordinated.


This rolling bag is a favorite of many crafters, so there are not too many negative reviews out there. However, there are a few issues that owners have brought up.

  • Not Sturdy Enough: Some people have reported having problems with the handle breaking off. There are also complaints about the zipper getting stuck. If you are carrying a lot of supplies in this craft bag, you run the risk of causing damage to it. Even though you can fit a lot of stuff inside the bag, you should be careful about the weight.
  • Loud When Rolling: While the 360 wheels are great, they could be bigger. If you are wheeling this bag on rough asphalt or stone, such as in the driveways of many apartment complexes or buildings, the wheels make a loud noise. This is not ideal.


Overall, it’s a pretty great bag. Plus, the price is actually one of the lowest for all the rolling bags we reviewed. WRMK has so many fans for a reason.

Click here to check out this bag’s reviews on Amazon.


ArtBin Tote Express

Next up is the ArtBin Tote Express.
ArtBin is a company that primarily makes storage solutions for various types of craft supplies.
This particular craft storage bag is marketed especially towards artists and jewelry makers, which means it might be better for crafters who have a lot of pens, markers, and sorting bins in their craft stash.
But if you like to make a little bit of everything, this one might be the right choice for you.


  • Two Bags in One: This bag is actually 2 separate bags that you can snap together. The bottom cube has wheels and the top has a strap so you can carry it on your shoulder.
  • HUGE Inner Pockets: You can fit 5-6 plastic storage boxes in each half of the tote. Jewelry makers in particular have a lot of very small items that need to be sorted. Usually the best way to sort those jewelry beads and other fittings is with a box like this one, which is also from Artbin. If you want to easy travel with those types of storage bins, then you need a craft tote like this one. PS – ArtBin also makes a magnetic storage box especially for metal dies.  
  • Several Brush/Pen Holders: Artists will also like that the top of the tote has holders for your most use brushes and pens. You can lean the lid up against your table and easily reach the supplies that you need.
  • Looks Professional: Unlike some of the other bags on this list, the ArtBin tote looks like the bag of a professional. If you want to look like a serious artist, you might want this bag instead of some of the more colorful options on this list.


  • Needs More Small Pockets: Basically, this craft bag on wheels is a bring your own pockets kind of deal. For this bag to be useful, you need to have some plastic storage containers. This ArtBin bag is great for rolling your stuff around, but it can be a hassle to organize your stuff within it.
  • Wheels Aren’t Great: Speaking of rolling, let’s talk about the wheels. To be honest, they are not the best. Especially for a bag in this price point, you would think ArtBin would put a little more thought into the wheels. First, they are not 360 wheels, so it is not so easy to move the bag around. Second, the wheels are pretty close together, making the bag more difficult to pull.


Even given the problem with the wheels, the bag is still a solid choice if you like to use smaller storage bins for your crafting supplies. Plus, it is the most professional looking bag we have ever found.

Click here to check out this bag’s reviews on Amazon

PS – ArtBin also makes a smaller version with similar specs.


Crop In Style XXL Rolling Tote


If you are a teacher or demonstrator for one of the direct sales craft companies, you might need something a little bigger than the bags listed above. The Crop In Style XXL Rolling Tote is a huge, heavy duty alternative.


  • Enormous: This bag holds a massive amount of supplies. As you can see from the picture, you can squeeze in dozens of punches, Washi tapes, scissors, markers, pens, etc.
  • Sturdy: You can put a lot of stuff in this bag and feel secure that it can handle it. Of course, it isn’t magic so if you put a lot of big items in here then the bag does get heavy. But if you need to travel with a lot of supplies, it is a lifesaver.
  • Clear Storage Pockets: All the side and front pockets are clear, so it is super easy to find what you are looking for.
  • Designated Pocket for Paper Storage: You can put your scrapbook paper and current projects in here without fear that they will get damaged. Nothing is worse than crumpled paper.  For extra protection, you might still want to use a folder. But at least you can easily find them.


  • Can’t Remove Pockets: You cannot remove these pockets, so you have to keep the craft tote open if you want to see what you’ve got.
  • Can’t See Inside Main Pocket: The inside pocket of this bag is so big that it is hard to see inside it. If you want to get something from the main pocket, you have to basically pull everything out and then put it back again. That may not matter if you plan to spread your stuff out on a table anyway. But if you want to work out of the bag itself, then you are going to have a hard time.
  • Missed Potential: There are no pen loops on the lower zipper pockets. Crafters and artists need TONS of pens. The empty space on the front size of the bottom zipper pockets could have included some more pen loops.
  • Only 2 Wheels: This is not exactly a deal breaker, but the bag must be tilted towards you in order to move it. If it had 4 wheels, you could roll it without shuffling around all your supplies.
  • Price: Currently this bag is quite a bit more than the others on this list. However, it is way more sturdy – so the trade-off might be worth it for some of you.

The Prize Winner for Best Craft Bag on Wheels:

So which craft bag on wheels do we think is the most functional and has the best design?

drumroll please…………………………………………

We think the WRMK 360 Fold-Up Crafter’s Bag in gray is the best all around choice. It has those awesome 360 wheels that make it fun and easy to roll. The design is professional yet still unique. Plus, it has one of the best price points of all the bags we reviewed.

You can learn more about this bag and score one for yourself here.

Ready to buy a rolling craft bag for yourself or a crafty friend? Click here to add this one to your Amazon cart!

What do you think of our top 3 rolling craft bags? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Appreciate the review! I decided to go with the Artbin one. I’m a semi professional artist so I wanted one that looked more serious than the we r memory keepers one.

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