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Our Silhouette Mint Review - Only Recommended for Certain Situations

Though the idea of making your own custom stamps at home is not a new one, the Silhouette Mint machine is the quickest & most user-friendly method we’ve seen. 

With that said, we only recommend it if you meet certain criteria. See our verdict at the end of this post for more details.

Keep reading for our the Silhouette Mint review!

Review Summary


But first, a short video on how the Silhouette Mint Works:

This video features well-known calligrapher Melissa Esplin. She shows you how to use the Mint machine to take your art and hand-letting projects to a whole new level. 

So . . . what is our Silhouette Mint Review?


Here are the positives things we have to say about the Mint stamp machine from Silhouette America.

Works Like a Charm: Seriously, this machine does exactly what it claims to do. You can create your own custom stamps and stamp them up to 50 times without having to re-ink. There is no catch or extra steps involved. It just works. At first, we were a little bummed because the stamped image came out so inky. But all you have to do is stamp it a few times on scratch paper. Then, your image will be very crisp and vibrant. 

Quick & Quiet: It takes just a few minutes to create and “print” your design. And unlike some other Silhouette products (looking at you Cameo 3), the Mint machine is relatively quiet. If you are a late night crafter, this is a major blessing. It is also lightweight and easy to travel with. It’s dimensions are 3.2 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches and it weights is 11 ounces.

50 Free Designs: We also appreciate that it came with 50 free designs from the Silhouette store. The designs were pretty standard, nothing spectacular. But freebies are nice. Plus, you can get $25 in extra designs if you buy this bundle!

Easy to Make Your Own Designs: Whether you like Gimp, Photoshop, or just the Silhouette Design Studio, it is actually really easy to make and print your own stamp designs.

Can Re-Ink with Different Colors/Brands: Silhouette says you have to use their proprietary ink….but we used a SU re-inker and it worked just fine. We also used Versamark clear ink to emboss and it turned out great!

Re-usable Base: You can peel your stamp off the block base and re-use the base for other stamps. Just don’t attach a label to the top of the base. It can get messy though if your stamp isn’t fully out of ink before you move it.

Multiple Colors at Once: You can make a multi-colored stamp by using your reinker to carefully deposit ink in certain areas of your stamp. Be sure to test it out a few times before you try it on your project, though. It can be a little tricky. As a general rule, always start with the least amount of ink possible. 



And here are our negative thoughts.

High Cost Per Stamp: We struggled to put this as a con, but ultimately decided it was worth mentioning in case someone got confused. The machine does not help you save money on stamps. In fact, depending on the stamp’s size, you are actually paying more per Silhouette Mint Stamp Sheet. However, there are still many reasons why a Mint is worth the investment. (see verdict below.)

Very Easy to Over-Ink: Be sure to test your stamp before using it on your project. Every single stamp we made took about 10 stamp-offs before it looked good. This is not so much of a con as it is a reminder. 

Hard to Read Small Fonts: If you go too small with your font – or too thin with your lines – you won’t get a crisp impression.

Our Verdict:

As you can tell from our review, the Silhouette Mint is pretty darn cool machine. But we don’t think it is worthwhile for the casual user. The cost of the machine + the stamp kits means that you are actually paying a lot more than you normally would for a stamp. 


We think this machine is a brilliant way to make money, either with etsy or in person sales. With a Mint machine, you effortlessly make custom invitations, gift tags, business cards, logos, wrapping paper, note cards….the list is endless. You can also just sell the custom stamps themselves. 

On the other hand, if you want to make your own wedding invitations, for example, then the cost might also be worth it. Basically, if you already have a big project in mind where you need a custom stamp, you can probably offset the high cost of the machine. 

With that said, we also want to say that the Silhouette Mint is really cool. If you have the money and just want a new toy to play with, you should definitely go for it. 

Ready to buy a Silhouette Mint for yourself or a crafty friend? Click here to add the best bundle deal to your Amazon cart!

What do you think of our Silhouette Mint review? Are you thinking about buying one for yourself? How do you plan to use it?

Let us know in the comments!

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